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Welcome to the homepage of the association "Global Hakka Research". We are investigating the Hakka language and culture in China and overseas.

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About Global Hakka Research

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Global Hakka Research is an association seated in Austria for the promotion of research on Hakka language and culture. It is an environment so far for various projects on Hakkas in Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, and Europe.

The association was founded by Ralf Vollmann and Soon Tek Wooi. Ralf Vollmann is a linguist with expertise in sociophonology, child language development, Tibetan grammar, multilingualism and Hakka studies. Soon Tek Wooi from Malaysia has studied English in Taiwan, has lived in China and Europe, and is a native speaker of Hakka, and proficient in various other languages.


Global Hakka Research
c/o Ralf Vollmann & Soon Tek Wooi

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