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Publications on Hakka

Vollmann, Ralf & Soon Tek Wooi 2021. Lexical and grammatical con­ver­gence of Chi­nese languages and English in Malaysia. Bydgoszcz Studies in Chinese Lan­guages, Literature, and Culture. UKW Press. (to appear)

Vollmann, Ralf & Soon Tek Wooi 2021. Multilingualism and the role of stan­dar­dised lan­guages: Malaysian Hakka Chi­nese. In Fabiana Fusco & Car­la Marcato & Re­nato Oniga (eds), Studi sul Plurilinguismo. Tematiche, problemi, pros­pettive, 197-218. Udi­ne: Forum.

​Vollmann, Ralf & Soon Tek Wooi 2020a. Language change and con­ver­gence in mul­ti­lin­gual Malaysian Chinese. in: Global Chinese 6: 49-67. DOI: 10.1515/glochi-2020-0002 [Online ISSN: 2199-4382 Print ISSN: 2199-4374]

Vollmann, Ralf 2018: Introduction. in: Grazer Linguistische Studien 89: 5-6. DOI: 10.25364/04.45:2018.89.1

Vollmann, Ralf & Soon Tek Wooi 2018b: Multilingualism and lan­gua­ge shift in a Ma­lay­sian Hakka family. in: Grazer Linguistische Stu­dien 89: 89-110. DOI: 10.25364/ 04.45:2018.89.5


Vollmann, Ralf & Soon Tek Wooi 2018a: Chinese identities in mul­ti­lin­gual Ma­lay­sia. in: Grazer Linguistische Studien 89: 35-61. DOI: 10.25364/04.45:2018.89.3


Vollmann, Ralf (ed.) 2018: Graz Linguistic Studies / Grazer Lin­guis­ti­sche Studien 89 (Spring 2018), Special Issue: Multilingual Ma­lay­sian Chinese. Graz: University of Graz.


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