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by Ralf Vollmann & Soon Tek Wooi

Vollmann, Ralf & Soon Tek Wooi 2020d. The sociolinguistic registers of ‘Ma­lay­sian Eng­lish’. In Asmah Haji Omar & Susan Needham & Nathan Hill (eds.) (Ed.): The GLO­CAL 2020, Bintulu, Sa­ra­wak, Malaysia, 5-8 February 2020. (The GLO­CAL Con­fe­rence in Asia, The Con­fe­rence on Asian Linguistic Anthro­po­lo­gy): 214-218. Lon­don: GLOCAL SOAS. ISSN 2707-8647

Vollmann, Ralf & Soon Tek Wooi 2019b. Zur Situation von Sprache und Kultur der Tsou in Taiwan. in: Europea Ethnica 2019(1/2): 69-79.

Vollmann, Ralf & Soon Tek Wooi 2019a: The sociolinguistic status of Malaysian Eng­lish. in: Grazer Linguistische Studien 91 (Frühling 2019): 133-150. DOI:10.25364/ 04.46:2019.91.5


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